Watching the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Ukraine right now, many of us are wondering what we can do to help. Here are a few ways we have responded

What can you do?

1. watch an online training from experienced refugee experts, Ukrainian refugees, and churches that have experience sponsoring refugees and government officials involved in designing the programme.

2. Encourage individuals to sign the pledge to welcome refugees.

3. Encourage households in your church and community that can sponsor/host a refugee and consider how you might be able to support them as a church.

4. Consider who in your congregation could be the lead on refugee work such as English Classes, welcome groups and more…

5. If you know Ukrainian refugees who are here in the UK already, has some helpful information.

6. If you know of Ukrainians who are seeking refuge, please encourage them to register for sponsorship matching on

7. Baby Basics have a current campaign which will provide emergency help to those arriving in the UK with children under 5. This is a fantastic way to practically support those arriving with young children.

8. Consider whether as a church you can offer welcome packs, or welcome events to those refugees arriving in your community.

9. Mothering Sunday:

This Mothering Sunday please consider donating a gift to a Ukrainian mother.  Every gift you donate will help equip a refugee to care for her baby or young child safely.

Sanctuary Foundation, with our friends at Baby Basics UK, is appealing for your help sourcing thousands of items ready to support mothers who have lost everything fleeing their war-torn homes. Baby Basics UK will ensure that your gift is matched with and delivered to a mother in need. If you would like to give a meaningful gift this Mothering Sunday:

Give through Amazon

Give through Common Good

10. Share your Visa Experiences:

Please use this simple and short form to let us know how the process is working for you. The information you provide will help us inform the government and accelerate the streamlining of the systems they are putting in place.

Praying for Peace:

As a church we are constantly praying for peace in Ukraine. We have held a special vigil of prayer for Peace with participation of our local Polish Community. You can watch it on:

Ukraine Refugees:

The Sanctuary Foundation invites you to join us to make a real difference to the lives of Ukrainian refugees coming to the UK.

Giving to the Ukraine Crisis:

The Disasters Emergency Committee brings together 15 leading UK aid charities, raising funds to quickly and effectively respond to overseas disasters.

Psalm 31:

‘In you, Lord, I have taken refuge’ Psalm 31:1 – Psalm 31 has become ‘the key scripture for all Ukrainians’ according to our colleagues. Watch this profoundly moving video of people across Ukraine reading it in bunkers and shelters. –